Email #62

Greetings family!

Just another week has floated on by. As far as the missionary work…….

Nothing very positive happened this week in the field. We`ll still beating on this brick wall over here in the area. I know that there are people waiting to hear us, but we are struggling to find them right now. It is a very poor area. Everybody says yes… but everybody means no. This is a concept that just drives my patience to its end. I find myself becoming more like dad every day. My sharpness and patience with un-commiting people eventually reaches a dead end. It has been a great experience learning personally in these past few weeks. I will keep refining the things I do wrong, in order to bring about the Lord`s work over here. Like it says in the Book of Mormon, we must first cleanse the inward vessel for the rest to shine.

I have been reading the “Miracle of Forgiveness.” I appreciate all of the comments about how that book sends missionaries back home. Yes, that could be true, if you were an unrepentant missionary. I am loving the book. I`ve about read the whole thing over the past 3 days. It`s helping understand better the “why” as well as the “how” of repentance. It`s a great book for analyzing the things that we do wrong in life, even the small things. One thing I am trying to improve is never again say a negative thing about somebody else. The consequences of doing that can never be measured, and a negative comment can be extremely damaging to the growth of another person.

Christ Himself, was only a builder. Jesus never tore another person down, nor criticize. When He reprimanded, He did so in a clear and concise way, speaking only the truth. Our job, as disciples is the same. We should never tolerate the wrong, but we should always build up. Think of how loved you would be as a person if you could perfect that. That is something I am working on right now in the mission.

As far as the mission work goes, we are having a rough time finding people to go to church. The members don`t offer too much support over here. This leaves us knocking doors and working on our own. We fasted Saturday and the next day a man came to church that was preparing for baptism. His name is Juan, and he lives a little far away, but sounds like we have a little fasting miracle, huh?

I`ll send you some pictures in a few hours. We`re going to go play soccer with the President today as a reward for baptizing 20 last month. It`s going to be in a private soccer club. I`ll send some pictures afterwards.

Thank you,

Love Elder Jacobsen


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