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Email #67

Good afternoon, President,

This week went well. Our baptismal date for the Hermana H was postponed until the 10th of November. She is the housemaid for Bishop G, and Bishop G´s mother fell and hurt herself a few days ago. As a result, the hermana C stayed to take care of mother during church. She is very committed to keep attending church and to get baptized on the tenth, however for this accident she wasn´t able to go to church. We were able to bring 3 new people to church, which raises the potential in our area. We brought a man named Cornelius, who is very intelligent and willing to keep his commitments. The only problem that he might have is his work schedule. He works in San Salvador, and some of the sundays he will have to go to work. Other than that, he will have no problems accepting a baptismal date. He has many, many friend within the ward. We brought a mother and her daughter named Blanca, and Katherine. She is a member reference, and it seems like she will progress. She is reading in the book of mormon and completes her commitments.
I went on interchanges yesterday with Elder C in M. They have a family that has been attending church for a year and a half now. They have not been baptized for problems with paperwork, but it sounds like the issue has finally been resolved. Today the mother went to Santa Ana to fix the papers. We should expect a family baptism of 2 in this coming week.

I realized that I started PMG for the second time, but I seemed to have lost the focus to finish. I have went back in my studies to be able to complete the commitment that I made with you to read it again for the second time. I have been studying alot lately in Jesus the Christ, as well as 3rd Nephi. I love reading about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Those teachings, for me, are the essentials and they help me know what to do, and how to be.
The zone is doing well. It seems like the level of work dropped a little from last week due to the poor weather and the multizone, but we hope that we can raise up the level again. We always try to teach about the wave of missionary work,and how we should always improve and not fall down. Diligence is what I would like to emphasize in the zone. I know I have much to improve in my personal area to be able to help others. We have a potential of 8 for October, and 7 for November. We hope to put many more dates in the upcoming week.

One thing we are striving to improve is are targeting with investigators. I believe that we are starting to find more families, and focus on the head of the household. If the head of the household is converted, then the rest will follow. Yesterday with Elder C we taught the father of a little girl they had been teaching. Apparantly he was known to be “tough” and “didn´t want anything to do with the church.” We talked with him for the first time, and he received us warmly and we taught a very good, spiritual lesson. He has great desires to bring his family to Christ. He feels outside of the path of God. I feel like it was a good example to give to the district leader to help him learn to trust in the power of the message, and to teach everybody.
We will keep emphasizing the importance of contacting with member. I believe this to be the good seed for all of the missionary work, and I know we will baptize those who are truly prepared, and more, if we do this. I like what you said in the multizone, “this isn´t just one way to work, this IS the way to work.” We will work in this way here in A.

Thank you President, I will see you on Wednesday

Hello, family. Things are good.

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like things are going well.

Love, Elder Jacobsen

Email #66

“Dear President,

We had some success this past week in the area as well as the zone.

Area __________: we recently put a baptismal date with the Hermana Hernandez. She is the cook for Bishop G_____, and she is an excellent investigator. She has had exposure to the church for the past 20 years or so, and has been the house-maid for the Bishop during this time. She told us she wasn`t ready to listen, but now is here time. It made me reflect on the spiritual timing of a person. There are seasons of spiritual sensitivity, and we must let the holy ghost guide us, so that we can find the people when they are prepared. The entire ward was very surprised that she came to church, but we are very excited and grateful that the Lord has put us in the right place at the right time. It was simple finding here. We simply “opened our mouth” during dinner and asked her what she thought about the church. She began talking about how much she loved the words of the prophet and how his talk on obedience last conference comforted her soul. We began teaching immediately. I am grateful to teach a person that is genuinely active in her conversion process.
We have been seeking for more references lately. Yet, we`ve been targeting families and men more lately. It seems like when we ask references, the members only refer us to single women. That is great, but we`re trying to turn their aim and focus to the family so that we can help the ward grow.
As far as our goals and commitments that we made with you, we did complete teaching 7 in the house of member; however, we did not find 15 news, only 12. This week, as we focus on finding families with the members, I know that this number will rise. The lessons in the house of member will keep coming, so long as we keep teaching the friends of the members.

Zone ________: we are laying a good foundation. The zone seems to have a new energy and focus to work with the members. We have continued raising the number of lesson taught in member`s house, as well as references contacted with member. We keep a close, daily watch on this, and try to ensure that it doesn`t go down. There were less-lessons taught last week, so we will put increased emphasis on the perfect-week plan made by President Duncan.
The biggest problem of the zone is the lack of focus with families. The zone seems to have a bad habit of teaching children and women. We have been trying to change this target, and back sure that we do baptize every type of person, but do so as family units. I know that as we change this focus, the numbers will double. Perhaps, us as missionaries, have little faith to teach the best, but I know we can boost the faith of the zone to seek out those honorable families waiting to hear this message.
The level of work in the zone will keep increasing. I will do my best to make sure we do not “ride the wave,” but that we stay constant in finding, teaching, bringing to church, and baptizing. There are 4 dates for November, and we hope to raise 8 this week.

In my studies, I have been reading Jesus the Christ and studying the Plan of Redemption. Missionary work focuses and is centralized on the purpose of God, found in Moses 1:39. Like it says in PMG, our message is that God has a plan for us, and knowledge about this plan has been restored by a prophet of God. The whole puzzle pieces together as we study, and as week seek this knowledge.

Thank you for the work that you are doing. I will try my best to improve this week.

Elder Jacobsen”

I`m so excited that Taylor got baptized. Does he have a baptismal date, or did he get baptized already?

We have a baptismal date. Good news, in my last area, two of the families I taught are getting baptized! They are 8 people. I know that we plant seeds every day. Sometimes we might not ever see the results, but there are always consequences for our actions. I didn`t feel like I did much in my last area, but hearing that made me very happy and satisfied.

I attached a photo of me and some of the boys in the zone. We went to play some soccer this morning.

Things are going well. Much has come to my mind lately about discipleship. Just when we think that we`re good and begin to look to ourselves instead of the Lord, we fail. We get humbled. “Thou shalt not have any other Gods before me.” Sometimes, that God can be ourselves. There is a scripture in Alma that says, “look to God and live.” Sometimes we don`t look to Him. Only by looking to Him, can we live.

Love you all,
Elder Jacobsen

Email #65

Hey Family

Good afternoon President,

We had a great week. Even though we didn`t bring anyone to church, we are laying the foundations in the area, as well as the zone, for a good future. We have spent this past week meeting all the members, and assuring that they can work in the vineyard of the Lord. We have been sharing the scripture in Lucas 5:4-6, which talks about how the Lord invited Peter to throw the net again. As he listened to the counsel of the Lord, they broke their net. We have been sharing this scripture with the members, and have been inviting them to listen to the counsel of the prophets: one of these being Elder Ballard`s challenge to gift the gospel to a friend before Christmas. We are seeing in our area, that as we share this scripture, as well as the invitation to listen to the counsel of the prophets, the members respond. I believe we have gained full confidence with the members, not as friends, but as teachers, and they are helping us every day to find and contact friends as well as less-active members.
We shared the same scripture idea with the zone last Thursday. We saw a tremendous increase in the amount of references contacted with members in the past week, as well as an increase in lessons taught in the house of member. I am sure that as we keep up the same method of work, we will see great results in the coming weeks. Baptisms, dates, and people brought to church take time. However, I know that what we are doing in the zone right now, is building the sure foundation for the future. I believe that the zone now understands the proper source of new investigators: the members. They are responding to the call of the prophet, and I know that the Lord will bless the zone as well as the members as we continue following this counsel.

Missionaries have a tendency to lessen the work level after a successful week. In order to ensure that the zone doesn`t follow the “wave” pattern, I will monitor the key indicators daily, and will call the areas that need help and will help them establish appropriate goals for the day. A great example of this is how we helped the area San Lorenzo. Friday, they had 2 news, and very few lessons with members. We called them that night and put some goals with them, to help them find 4 news, 1 family, and have 4 lessons with member. That day they overpassed all of their goals, finding 6 news, 1 family, and teaching 6 with member. It is delighting for me to see what guided influence can do with another person. I feel like the Lord is helping me become a better steward over this portion of the mission.
As far as the personal goals I have set with you, I can honestly say that I have seen a great improvement. The members, from what I can see, love and respect me and are very willing to help me out. The zone, as I go in interchanges and interact with them, they grow to respect my counsel. They repeat the same counsel in their districts, and that has brought the success with members last week. I have been very careful over the key indicators. I study them daily, and am taking action if someone steps out of line. I feel like this is what the Lord expects of me, and what He wanted me to learn last change. I will continue doing so, and will continue improving what I lack.
I am pleased with the work of Elder T and Elder S. Elder Thorton is a quiet man, but he takes great care over his district and makes sure to guide them in the right direction. He is very humble and willing to take advice, and constantly looks to improve and dedicate himself more to the mission. We are having a little trouble with Elder C trying to help him be more responsible. He doesn`t take the iniciative, and doesn`t like advice. I am going on interchanges Wednesday and will talk to him. If he doesn`t improve, I would advise that he leave the leadership program. However, I will talk to him sincerely, and will try to help point him in the right direction.
We expect many investigators this week in church. Although none went, it usually takes 2 Sundays to bring that person to church. We have many seeds planted and we hope that they can bring excellent fruits in the future. The same goes for the zone. November and December will be successful as we keep working in this form.

Thank you for you work and guidance,

Well, family….

Lizz looks so old. I can`t believe it. The work is going well. We are building a good foundation in the zone. I feel happy and at peace.

The picture I sent is a picture of a parrot bite on my arm. I tried getting a picture with the parrot, so I stuck my arm out to let it sit on me, but it bit me and yanked instead. Hey… it`s not everyday that a parrot bites you! I`m pumped.

Well, we`ll keep on keepin on.

Love you family,

Elder Jacobsen