Email #64

Here´s my letter to Pres.
I´d like to thank you for the changes the past Wednesday. This gives me a great opportunity to start again and improve myself as a missionary.
This week we spent the days meeting the members as well as a few menos activos and investigators. I am very impressed with the quality of the members. They are all willing to help and work with us. There is much work to do here in reactivation. We´ve met a few large families that are less-active, and we are working to reactivate them and help the ward grow as a whole.
The numbers and key indicators this week were absolutely terrible. It seems that there are no progressing investigators in the area for the lack of news found in the past few weeks, but we will be sure to change that. There are a few part-member families that have been investigating the church for awhile now. I am going with them to try and analyze there doubts or stumbling blocks that keep them from progression in the gospel.
I am pleased with the zone. I have previously known a few of the missionaries here, and they seem to have respect for me. I will be sure to treat them and lead them in the way that they don´t lose that respect. This week I have interchanges scheduled with every district leader to be able to help them know how to work, and meet their investigators as well.
I am impressed by the example of Elder Hansen. He is working hard in his area and is bringing the rest of the district up with him. His district alone does 70% of the work. He has alot of potential in the mission as a leader.
In the area we have decided to start from the ground and begin contacting references. With such a powerful ward, I will be sure to gain their confidence and teach their friends. We must respond to the invitations of the prophets to be “one.” Surely our new form of work will bring success.
As far as the goals I have to be a better missionary in this area, I can feel the progression. The mission is an excellent time to learn and grow. It is an uncomfortable time, and pressuring time. Surely the scriptures that describes the savior as the “refiner of silver” applies to my misison. It is uncomfortable in a great way. I know that the minute I become comfortable and relaxed is when the growth stops. The shaping process can hurt, but it leads us to brighter futures and better spirits. The commandment to be even as Christ is has never hit me with greater impact than it does now. It is amazing and inspiring to look back and see the change in my soul throughout the course of the mission.
I would also like to make my position as ZL a more spiritual and revelatory position. Too many times, as missionaries, we look at the mission as a normal business job. We get “in the grind of things:” We forget that the Lord gives direction to those who seek. In this change, I will seek more often the inspiration of God, and will make this position not as a job, but as a divine calling to help the missionaries in this zone.
To accomplish our goals this week, we will make fixed plans every day with the members, we will leave at 11 every day, and will teach shorter lessons that are planned based on the needs of the investigators.

For the ties, send me some skinny ties. I´m diggin those lately. I don´t need new shoes. We´re good. If I need shoes.. I´ll buy them over here.

I´m in a new area called Atiquizaya. I´m a zone leader still, and I have a bunch of good friends in the new zone. I´m excited for the new experience, and will apply what I learned from the last few.

I snagged a picture of Satan´s pet. It´s a mix between a cocroach, spider, crab, scorpion. It has claws out front.. We killed it and sent it back to where it came from.

Here´s me and Siberian Husky. Reminded me of Gus.

There´s a picture at a welcome lunch with the bishop. The missionary on my right is my companion, Elder Morales.


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