Email #68

Good morning President,

“Thanks for the advice in the multizone as well as in the leaders meeting. The graph with my work as a missionary was a great eye-opener and has helped me see my strengths and weaknesses as a missionary. I plan on increasing the number of lessons we teach, and keep teaching in the house of member in order to follow the advice of the prophet.

The zone had a good week. We brought 37 people to church, and we plan to keep continuing. I knew that if we contacted with members and found so many news, we would see the results in the weeks to come. The results are coming. My concern is that the lack of diligence in the missionaries will cause the zone to decrease harvest in the weeks to come. We´ll keep putting emphasis on contacting with members as well as finding news. We must increase the amount of lessons in house of member. Not all the areas are doing this, there are only a select few that contribute to the total. For example, manantiales 2 taught 9 lessons in the house of member, and there were about 3 areas that only taught 1. I will talk with the areas that aren´t contributing, and we will see the outcome this weekend.

As a zone we have 2 baptized and 9 investigators with a baptismal date. We were able to raise 4 dates since the leaders´meeting. We will continue raising baptismal dates this week with the new investigators that came this past Sunday.

In our area we brought 3 people, and we have the possibility of putting 5 dates in the area. There are all member references, and have a good group of support within the ward. This Tuesday we will go with them to help them accept a baptismal date.

We have asked the stake President for the list of RM´s in the zone, and are waiting on that. We have talked to bishop and his family to try and see the video of the “obra de salvacion” together, but hasn´t given us the time yet. We will see it together this week to come.

Sister C is doing very well. We asked her why she was never baptized before, and she said “Perhaps God was saving me to listen to you two.” That made me feel very appreciative. She is a special person, and will be a very good convert within the church.

Thank you for your work. We will increase the level of work in the area as well as the zone.”

Dear family, perhaps I will use the president´s letter as my history book, and will tell the spritual side in my personal letters.

I feel like now is the time that members and missionaries need to unite together. Too many times we find ourselves without anything to do. Ideally speaking, the members are to go, prepare the minds of their friends, and when they are ready to take the discussions, that member calls the missionaries and then the entire process begins.

Sadly, this does not happen very often. Usually it is the job of the missionary to find, teach and baptize. However, when the only friend of the recent convert is the missionary, when the missionary leaves, that person goes inactive. Parents, please pray together with the family for missionary opportunities. I know you´re baptizing left and right over there, but you have got to keep looking. Now that we´ve learned God´s will, we need to continue to help everyone.

Mom, if you´re wondering I´m doing fine. I am happy, well, things are going as they should.

Dad, I bet Chile was an interesting experience. I bet it is similar to el salvador. One day we´ll come over to el salvador and check it out together.

If I haven´t answered your questions… sorry. Sometimes I take a picture of the letter you send, then read it after I write. If you have a specific question, send it as a single email so I can read it quick and respond.

I´ll send some cool pictures. We set up a table during a national holiday and passed out pamphlets and books of mormon. It was a fun experience.

Love you, Elder Jacobsen


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