Email #69

Mom, I loved those pictures that you sent of dad. I can’t believe how much we look alike. I literally look just like dad. Every missionary over here thought those were pictures of me.

I´ll stop forwarding president´s email. It´s boring. I get it. You like hearing from me. We had a good week. We had to push Consuelo´s baptismal date one more week. She didn´t go to church, and she said she would like to ask forgiveness from some family members. She wants any baggage gone before her baptism. That makes me happy. It such a sign that she is converted and wants to do this right.

There´s this huge pipe-line project going on in my area. Everybody is digging a pipeline in front of there house as they replace the pipes. (This isn´t happening by my house). It´s funny, as you walk down the street all you see are heads popping out the ground with pick-axes. It reminds me of those gnomes off snow white.

I have a picture of my companion, but if you look carefully there is a beetle flying. This beetle is about the size of a quarter, and it is attached to a string. Kids over here catch these beetles and they fly them around like remote controlled helicopters. Dad, if JP ever asks for a 200 dollar remote heli, just tell me to send him a beetle. That´ll have him going for hours.

The picutre of me smiling with the other guy pointing is Elder Williams and I. Elder Williams is the nephew of Julie B. Beck. You can show that picture to her when she comes and visits.

Also included is the zone picture. There will be changes this week. I believe I´m staying, but I´ll probably have a new companion. You´ll know for sure next week. Changes are on Wednesday.

I´d like to address a common concern among missionaries as well as something that weighs heavily on my mind. This mission has been very important to me, and I live everyday to my best trying to serve God with all my soul. Sometimes the question crosses the mind, could I have done more? Of course, we can always do more, but we shouldn´t get down on ourselves. There is always room for improvement, yet the gospel doesn´t demand that we become perfect in one day. The master Himself stated, “what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily verily, I say unto you, even as I Am.” We are commanded to be perfect, even as the savior. Yet, this is more than a life long journey. It takes much time. When I feel like I haven´t done enough, I ask God if I am giving Him an acceptable sacrifice, and He always sends me His holy messenger, the Holy Ghost, which fills me with a righteous assurance. I know that God lives. This is His work. He doesn´t demand that we be perfect, yet He would have us improve little by little every day, until that great and perfect day.

I love you family,

Take care

Elder Jacobsen


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