Email #70

Hey family,

That´s cool seeing the pictures you snagged with Julie B. Beck. My buddy Elder Williams will be very excited to see those.

The week went well. I can´t figure out what´s going on with C____, this lady we´re baptizing. She says she wants to ask forgiveness from some family members before she´s baptized, but she hasn´t done it yet. She´s in freeze mode. She hasn´t talked to these family members since May. I think she´s scared to do it… We invite all to come to Christ.. There is no pushing or shoving. It´s a great lesson on patience.

The success in the area is just… we have planted the seed… I´ve given it some watering… we´re just waiting for something to happen. There are so many comparisons between fishing and missionary work. Some days you catch a boat-full, and other days you get skunked. We are in skunk mode, but we´re going to change some forms and the way we work in order to get something moving over here.

I´ve been going a little stir-crazy not having action happen. I´m a action person, and when nothing happens… it drives me a little nuts. I feel like us waiting on the members to help us work has produced little fruit. We will keep reminding them to look for friends, but my patience has reached its end! I will now resort to old-school proselyting methods. I´m going in the streets and talking to everybody. That´s what I did in Acajulta, and it seems like it worked very well over there. I´m going to hit the dirt this week and see if we can´t build something out of nothing.

Don´t worry family… I don´t keep depressed or upset… I like taking challenges and overcoming them. I have the “challenge accepted,” attitude, so we´ll see what happens this week.

I did get the Christmas package, thank you for that. I am storing it away until Christmas. Uncle Jon also sent me one.

Remember family, always invite other people to know the church and this gospel. We underestimate what an invitation can do. Some people want to learn more, they just don´t have the courage to speak up. Throw out the invitation! As President Monson said, “You can´t be wrong, by doing right. You can´t be right by doing wrong.” It´s a simple formula. Do something good, invite. I know that people will listen.

Thanks family,

I love you

Elder Jacobsen


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