Email #71

Hey family,

We had a great week this week. My companion and I were able to fast yesterday for some miracles, and they sure came.

First thing… we went to a cool waterfall place that looks like something from Pirates of the Carribean. I sent some pictures. It was very beautiful.

We found two a mom and her daughter last week that now have baptismal dates. Finally. I haven´t dunked somebody in a while. Seems like I get transferred before I can baptize the people I teach. This lady´s name is Lisbeth, and her daughter´s name is Maria. We set the date for the 28th of December. We set it late for the Christmas and new year´s holiday. They also have a grumpy woman that is staying with them next month that doesn´t like the church. She is leaving before the baptism. We did this to keep some peace in the family.

We are teaching another large Catholic family. They have 3 boys that are very active in their church, and they participate in all the groups. We taught them the first lesson yesterday, and the mom told us that she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet. We told her that she must receive the witness from the holy ghost in order to know, but the family is willing to listen and learn. I think something good will come out of this.

Thanks for the pictures you send, mom. The little girls are very beautiful. They are all growing up too fast. Dad, sounds like you´re the king of cattle for the entire world.

Dinner with the governor? What for?

It seems like every time we fast, something good happens. It´s nice to see that when we push a little farther, and when we give a little more, that´s when the Lord also gives more. He literally pours out His blessing to those who make sacrifices and for those who obey.

Thanks for the help and support.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen


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