Email #72

Hey family,

I hope you enjoyed my poem. It was a beaut. It wasn´t my best work. I had to throw her together in about 5 minutes, so some of the rhymes were pretty sketchy, but nonetheless a masterpiece.

Great… a new dog. Yay…..

Christmas season has kicked in. I rock Christmas ties starting yesterday, all the way until the 25th. They are used clothes stores all over here, and they sell ties for 50 cents a pop. That explains the carrot and rabbit tie that you will see in these pictures I send.

I got the forward from the Zeek family. Tell them I said thank you.

This week was normal. I feel like I´ve talked to everyone in my area 5 times already. The area is about the same size as BYU´s campus. I´m part of the community, but I feel like I go up to the same people every day. “Hey… how about today? Are you ready to repent?… Hey. Didn´t I talk to you yesterday? Haven´t I talked to you everyday?”

Next Thanksgiving I´ll be eating all your pie. That´s a good thought, right there.

The sister Lisbeth and her daughter Maria are still progressing towards their baptisms. They are great. Even after all of our personal effort, we have not found anybody by our personal efforts. Those two were member references! When members give references, that are inspired and meaningful, people get baptized. Always. If you have kids in the mission, give the missionaries references. It´s what they want. This is what the prophets want. This is the way.

I am reading the Miracle of Forgiveness again. It really is a great book, and has helped me understand God´s plan and the importance of repentance. Really the purpose of life is simple. It is a period of testing… We must learn and progress in order to become like God. However, during the learning process, we become dirty. It is unavoidable. No impure thing can dwell in the kingdom of God. We can only clean ourselves through repentance. The purpose of life is to put it in harmony with the teachings of the Gospel through repentance. That is why the Lord has repeatedly said, “Teach nothing unto this people but repentance.” It is essential, and very rewarding.

Love you family,

Elder Jacobsen


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