Email #74

Hey family,

Seems like you`re all doing well. I have a new companion. His name is Elder Anderson. He`s finishing the mission this change, so I`m “killing” him in mission terms. He`s a great guy. I`ve known him my whole mission and now we`re companions. We have a great time working hard, speaking english, singing Christmas songs and telling jokes. He`s a good missionary, and I`m grateful to have a good companion. His is the missionary with the dark hair sitting down with me.

The pictures of the gift tree made me very content and happy. That`s so sad to see Natalie without hair. Is she doing well?

Dad, I met some people from our stake. They have family members out here in Atiquizaya. They are the Macintosh family… I can`t remember the dad`s name, but the wife is Caroline Macintosh and the son Ernesto. They live in the Titusville ward, and told me that they remember you coming to give a talk in their ward. They are a great family. The man with the big beard is the family member here in Atiquizaya. I call him papa bear. His name is Roberto Afane. Sounds like he sent a flag of El Salvador back with the family, for you.

We managed to bring 6 investigators to church. However, they were two half-families. We didn`t mangage to bring the husband and wife of the both familes. Next week… The zone is working hard. We all brought 39 people as a zone, and hopefully we can raise that up.

Elder Anderson and I have been working hard finding families. We talk to every family that passes us in the street. Sometimes it makes some seriously awkward moments, but we work it. If we see a family heading our way, we stop them in their tracks and say “hey… what a beautiful family you have here…” Then they blush, we pop a joke, and bam. We`re teaching them in their house. Of course, it doesn`t always work out like that… Sometimes the plow us over and tell us they are busy. Well… that`s about 95% of the time, but we`re working it!

Sounds like I`m going to skype you blokes this 25th.

I still haven`t opened the package. Hopefully you didn`t put any perishables in there.

Well family. I love you. I hope you`re doing well. I hope you focus on the real meaning of Christmas this time of year. Don`t get lost in the gifts and the superficial things of Christmas. There are some great bible videos and mormon message on Christmas that you can watch. Dad, perhaps you should take the family to do some service on Christmas. Surely the Son of Man came not to receive but to give, not to be served, but to serve.

Thanks family,

love Elder Jacobsen


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