Email #75

Hey family.

I´ll be skyping you chaps Christmas day at 4 pm my time, which will be 5pm in Florida. I hope you´re ready to rumble.

Sounds like the family is doing well… I guess. You folks didn´t send me any family news.

Elder Anderson and I have been having a great time teaching and finding families. We have truly mastered the balance between hard work and just having a good time. Many missionaries pass their time very stressed out, or uptight… that´s never been the way I have worked. I have a great time. If we did poorly, we will do better the next day. We laugh alot, sing country music, and talk to every living family in this place. We´ve talked with so many people that we don´t know who to talk with anymore.
We´ve started leaking into uncharted territory, where people haven´t seen missionaries for years. We´ve been finding many positive families and we hope to bring several to church this week.

We brought a family to church yesterday: the Martinez family. Nelson, the husband, is the most powerful, positive investigator I have found in my mission. If we ask if to keep a certain commandment, he looks at us in some confused manner and asks, “why do you even ask? Yes. Ask my wife. We need to help her out.” He is on fire, and is a great strength for his wife. His wife, Bartola, she is a timid and shy lady. We brought a young family of members to encourage them to attend church last Friday. It worked. The family attended church, and they loved it. They have a young daughter of 2 years as well.

This week we have two baptisms: Lisbeth and Maria. They are a mother and a daughter that have been going to church for the past few weeks. They are both member references, and they are very excited to be baptized. The mother, Lisbeth, has been experiencing some economic difficulties. Her angry step mother forced her out of the house she´s been living in for the past 10 years, but she told me that God has a reason in it. He wants them to come closer to Him and His church. She has incredible faith that makes me marvel sometimes.

It´s so fun to hit the streets and learn how to talk with people. I talk with so many people, and see so many recognizable traits and repeated reactions that we can almost predict what they say. Sometimes we´ll jump ahead of their conversation and tell them what they´re about to say… and they get really confused. We have alot of fun.

Well family, I am excited to skype you folks this Wednesday. Hopefully I have some interesting things to say. I can´t believe how tall those little girls are. Mary has grown tremendously since I´ve left. They all look beautiful.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen


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