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Email #79

Hey family,

It was a great week! I was able to go to San Salvador and see Elder Quentin L. Cook.
He talked alot about faith in Jesus Christ. He bore such a clear, powerful testimony of His existence. He told us, “I know He lives with full certainty. I know His voice.” We could all feel the spirit of his testimony very strongly. This experience reminded me of a few verses in Luke:
15 And it came to pass, that, while they acommuned together and reasoned, bJesus himself drew near, and went with them.

16 But their eyes were aholden that they should not know him.

It then continues…

27 And beginning at aMoses and all the bprophets, he cexpounded unto them in all the dscriptures the things concerning himself.

31 And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.

32 And they said one to another, Did not our aheart bburn within us, while he ctalked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

This is how we all felt. As an apostle speaks, as we pay attention, and as we seek knowledge and have this “thirst for righteousness,” we will be able to feel the spirit. Imagine if all church talks were like that? Imagine if Sunday school teachers were able to teach with the same spirit, giving everyone desire to return and draw near unto God.

There is such power that a great gospel teacher can bring. If we are worthy, and if we study, the spirit will be with us and will help us bless everyone around us.

We also had a baptism this week. Her name is Catalina. She is a very powerful, powerful convert.

Well family, thank you for the help you`ve been sending.I love you all and I hope you`re doing well.

Love, Elder Jacobsen

Email #78

Hey family.

Just a dandy week.
The Martinez family stopped progressing last week. Sounds like they don´t want to get married. BUT, the Lemus family is doing well! They are a tad nervous about the marriage subject, but they understand why they need to do it. We are focusing alot lately on faith in Jesus Christ. We want them to know that with faith, their marriage can work out, and that they will be able to have success in life. The husband, Luis, has many worries about not having work, not having anything to feed to the wife and kids, and failure for the future. These fears come from Satan. Any thoughts that cause us to shirk and shy away from keeping the commandments are from Satan.

It´s interesting to see the patterns in the gospel. I believe once that I said that the basic purpose of life is to put life in harmony with the teachings of the gospel through repentance. This is true. Yet, the first step that leads to repentance is faith in Jesus Christ. I´ve never had investigators that progressed so slow. People normally just get baptized, get married, and change their lives. This has helped me learn more about a fundamental process: building faith. The scriptures of Mathew 6 cover it well. I´m not sure how it goes in english, but it says that we “shouldn´t worry about what to eat or what we will be clothed with.” Rather, we should “seek first the kingdom of god, and all these things will be added upon us.” Faith in Christ demands that we trust this verse, and choose to keep the commandments knowing that God will help. Yet, so many people simply choose not to trust, and rather trust their own personal experience and thought processing. That is why the Lord always says that these people “draw near unto me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” These are some good lessons I have learned lately.

We´re struggling finding new investigators, or at least people that progress. I always compare Atiquizaya to the square fishing hole on the ranch. People fish there all the time, and only pull babies out. The recent converts for the past few years are all children and teenage girls. It is a small area, and has had much success. The stake is about the size of BYU´s campus. Yet, I know there are people out there. The Lord changes peoples hearts every day. Perhaps yesterdays angry negative man is tomorrow´s baptism. Things always change.

My companion had his 21st birthday party last week, which explains the cake. We also participated in a service project for the city. We cleaned about 100 yards of trash inside this dried up river. It was fun. Those are the pictures of Elder Williams and I.

Well, I love you family. Thank you for everything.

Email #77

Good day.

Hey family. The week was lackluster at best. The two families that we have didn´t go to church… we think that we might´ve scared them talking about marriage and baptism. We don´t know! We´ll be going this week to see what happened. Both families were committed to church saturday night, and they just didn´t show up. We´ll see what happens. This week we´ll be bringing some members to excite them and help them feel comfortable again.

I don´t know what it is like to join the church and change your life all in once, but I imagaine that it is hard. Perhaps we were too bold or forward with the committments, and perhaps they felt uncomfortable. Pray for them, and hopefully we´ll be able to fix it up this week.

We smoked our house out, or fumegated it, and it killed about 50 or so cocroaches. We didn´t know so many cocroaches could exist in the same house, however they are dead. That is the important part of this.

The other picture is of me and a cake. A few days ago, I completed 18 months in the mission, or my “sister mission,” as people say. I´m finally a real missionary. The missionaries in the house bought me a cake for having completed 18 months.

Other than that.. really… nothing went on this week. I´m sorry if this seems like a short email.

I was studying about meekness. It´s hard to put a finger on meekness, but from what I have come to understand is that meekness is “kindness,” “humility,” and “charity.” It is being able to respond with calmness and understanding in any situation. It is the ability to be kind to all and treat all with respect and love. I believe this topic is a perfect one for me to study… not that I´m not… nice… or understanding.

Well, I love you family

Elder Jacobsen