Email #76

Well family,

I loved the pictures. Randall and Jessica look like they´re doing great. The barn looks amazing, and that little girl could be put in a calendar. You might want to look into that, Jessica.

We had a great week… well I did. My companion, Elder Anderson had to go to the hospital and has been staying in a sick home for the past week. He got some mosquito disease called dengue. He is better now, and should return either tomorrow or Wednesday. I´ve been sleeping with a mosquito net lately to make sure that doesn´t happen. I´ve been with a guatemalan named Elder Juracan. He´s of indian Mayan descent, and it´s been a good experience getting to know him.

We were able to bring two families to church, which was great. The families Martinez and Lemus went yesterday. Hopefully we´ll be able to put some baptismal dates this coming week. Sounds like they are loving the church. The ward is very happy. We have some very quality investigators right now, and the ward is happy with our work. Hopefully this turns out well.

I passed the New Years well. We just kept missionizing. It was difficult finding people to listen to the message. Everyone was gone, or had a hang-over. It´s too bad festive days get ruined by alcohol and lewd traditions.

They have announced the new mission president to come. His name is President Spjut and will be reporting July 1st of this year. Nice… I´ll have to change Presidents a few weeks before I head home. That´ll be fun having my final interview: “well Elder Jacobsen, it´s nice to meet you for the first time… I hope it goes well for you in life. Adios.”

Sounds like Kate is happy and good again. It´s amazing how something so small can throw somebody off like that. We’ll have to make sure that thyroid is good and regulated from here on out.

I´ve been reading the Doctrine and Covenants again. I like what it says repeatedly, “if you have desire to serve God, ye are called to the work.” One of the most important things I have learned in the mission is the importance of desire. It doesn´t matter the experience, the knowledge, or talent… if one doesn´t have desire they cannot help nor will they progress. This goes with missionaries, members, and investigators. Desire is so important. We must make sure we always have a desire to serve God. For this reason, Jesus didn´t call after the pharasees, but rather the disciples. He said, “come, follow me.” They dropped their nets and followed him, even though they were humble, unknowing fisherman.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I guess I didn´t take any this week. I took this bad boy here in the computer lab just so I could send one.

I love you all

Elder Jacobsen


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