Email #77

Good day.

Hey family. The week was lackluster at best. The two families that we have didn´t go to church… we think that we might´ve scared them talking about marriage and baptism. We don´t know! We´ll be going this week to see what happened. Both families were committed to church saturday night, and they just didn´t show up. We´ll see what happens. This week we´ll be bringing some members to excite them and help them feel comfortable again.

I don´t know what it is like to join the church and change your life all in once, but I imagaine that it is hard. Perhaps we were too bold or forward with the committments, and perhaps they felt uncomfortable. Pray for them, and hopefully we´ll be able to fix it up this week.

We smoked our house out, or fumegated it, and it killed about 50 or so cocroaches. We didn´t know so many cocroaches could exist in the same house, however they are dead. That is the important part of this.

The other picture is of me and a cake. A few days ago, I completed 18 months in the mission, or my “sister mission,” as people say. I´m finally a real missionary. The missionaries in the house bought me a cake for having completed 18 months.

Other than that.. really… nothing went on this week. I´m sorry if this seems like a short email.

I was studying about meekness. It´s hard to put a finger on meekness, but from what I have come to understand is that meekness is “kindness,” “humility,” and “charity.” It is being able to respond with calmness and understanding in any situation. It is the ability to be kind to all and treat all with respect and love. I believe this topic is a perfect one for me to study… not that I´m not… nice… or understanding.

Well, I love you family

Elder Jacobsen


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