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Email #83

Hey family,

How is everyone doing? Thank you for the email and support.

The week is going well. E__ is still progressing well and is preparing well for her baptism coming up.

The big news of the week is the progress that we are having with a family called the C family. They are also a member reference. We have been teaching them for the past 3 weeks, and they have been progressing a little more slowly than other. However, they are very quality quality people. They are a young couple, E and C. E is a biologist, 27 years old, and his wife is about 23 years old. They have a young daughter, and they are married. That´s quite a miracle… married. You don´t see that every day. The converting factor definitely is the Book of Mormon. We explained very well about the restoration of the gospel, and taught them that the Book of Mormon is evidence of this restoration. They began reading, and they prayed to God and told us that they felt a peace, and a sense of surety that the book is true. We explained that this is the way the Holy Ghost responds, and they are committed to go to church this coming Sunday. Pray for them, and for their progress. They are a great family, and I will be thrilled if they choose to be baptized later on.

Other than that, this week has been a good one. We´ve been looking for news and trying to find some new families that can progress. I think we will have much success.

Elder P is doing well. He´s a stud, and I´m happy.

I´m glad you could all go to Utah and meet the crew.

Love you all,

Elder Jacobsen

Email #82

Hey parents,

The truck looks great! Thanks so much for all the help! I would say I can´t wait to ride it… and well… I´m quite excited, but it can wait for 5 months…

The week was great. Aldea is a great ward. All of the members work very hard, and there are many returned missionaries within the ward. We recently put a baptismal date with a lady named Edith. She is a member referral and has been taking the lessons for awhile with previous missionaries. She stopped taking the lessons because she felt pressured. We simply helped her understand the doctrine a little better, and we were able to put a baptismal date for March 8th. She will be an excellent convert.

Elder Pablo and I are having a good time. He´s a very calm, humble kid. I help him with his english, and we pass our time working hard and laughing hard as well. It´s nice to not have all the pressures and responsiblities of being a ZL. For me, it made the mission feel a little too much like “business”… or temporal. As a trainer, we study for longer periods of time, we work more, and the mission has became for me a great spiritual, learning experience.

I think I´m putting some weight back on. That protein is doing some wonders.

I don´t have much to say… I didn´t even take any pictures this week.

On a spiritual note, I was thinking this week about the promptings that the Holy Ghost sends. This past week I had a few, and when I act good things happen. If we ignore them, God stops sending us these promptings because He can´t rely on us. However, when we act, He sends more and uses us as an agent to bring about many good things. Often times these feelings come in our head, and we can´t dismiss unless we act… or we ignore them. There´s nothing worse than giving into pride or fear and ignoring these feelings. We never now what we might´ve been able to do.

Love you,

Elder Jacobsen

Email #81

Well hey family!

I have a new kid! His name is Elder Pablo, and he´s from Guatemala. He´s about 5´0″. He´s a great kid, he speaks english too, so we enjoy chattin it up in English.

I´m in this new ward called “Aldea.” The funny thing about this place is that it is right next door to my first area, Colon. It´s really strange to see the streets I walked on when I started the mission, and I´m training. It makes me feel like I´m starting my mission over again.

I love the ward. It is an excellent ward. We have the stake president, the patriarch, and all of the members help us out alot in what we do. We´ve been able to get them out of the house and work with them in contacting their neighbors and teaching their friends. I believe we will have much success.

I love training. I love having new companions that listen, and love to work. It´s nice have a person who is relying on you to work. I feel like we’re cranking up the old miracle engine again, and that we´re back in business.

It´s great to be able to study as much as we study in training. We have the whole morning to read and study the basic material. I could read all day if I had to, but it is great to have that morning to study and review the gospel material. Right now I´m finishing off D/C again, and I´m reading a book by Thomas S. Monson that I found in the house.

In the 3 days we had to work, we managed to wrangle up 2 new people to bring to church. They were member referrals, so the member took them to church, the member taught them, and the member basically did it all. When we work in the right way, the work becomes much easier.

So my good friend Elder T_____ (first comp in Molino, and my DL) lives right by us in A____. He´s my ZL now, and was AP last change. He´s one of my best friends in the mission. We´ve passed the whole mission together, and now we´re going to finish it together in the same ward.

I love you family. Keep looking for missionary opportunities. Say a specific prayer asking God to help you find someone for the missionaries to teach, and you´ll find many.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen

Email #80

Hey family,

Well it`s been a big week. There are some big changes coming up.

The biggest news… I`m training again! I think for the last 6 months of the mission I`ll be training new missionaries. I`ll be shedding the ZL responsibility here this Wednesday, so I`m pretty excited for that. The other day I was praying to God that He might give the area that needed me the most for the next few months. I told Him that the assignment didn`t matter, and that`d I`d like to train and just focus on working for the next few months… A day later, I got the call that I`m going to train. I am very excited and grateful for the new opportunity. I`ve always said that the favorite part of my mission was when I trained. I had so much time to study, learn, teach, and work. I feel like God has answered my prayers and has given me this opportunity to work for the next 6 months training new missionaries.

I`ll be leaving the area and opening a new one. I`m not sure where I`ll be going, but we`ll see.

The picture here is a picture of me with some of my friends here in Atiquizaya. We always tried teaching these boys and getting them to go to church and the mission, but we never could quite pull it off. They are fun guys, but they haven`t progressed in the gospel.

Many missionaries have the misconseption that if you`re not an AP or if you are a trainer that you are somehow a bad missionary. I would like to say that is a misconception. God loves all of us and always has different plans for each and everyone of us. Perhaps the people in this new area need to hear what we have to teach. I`ve always said… throughout my whole mission I do not remember the positions I held… the number of new investigators I have found, or how many people I have baptized. I remember the people. I remember the families that have been converted to the gospel, and thinking of them fills me with joy and appreciation for the mission. I`m not the best missionary. I`m very rough around the edges and sometimes have trouble controlling my tongue, yet the Lord has blessed me as I have put Him first. We can resolve the weaknesses as I go on.

Thank you for the letter and the support.
I love you,

Elder Jacobsen