Email #82

Hey parents,

The truck looks great! Thanks so much for all the help! I would say I can´t wait to ride it… and well… I´m quite excited, but it can wait for 5 months…

The week was great. Aldea is a great ward. All of the members work very hard, and there are many returned missionaries within the ward. We recently put a baptismal date with a lady named Edith. She is a member referral and has been taking the lessons for awhile with previous missionaries. She stopped taking the lessons because she felt pressured. We simply helped her understand the doctrine a little better, and we were able to put a baptismal date for March 8th. She will be an excellent convert.

Elder Pablo and I are having a good time. He´s a very calm, humble kid. I help him with his english, and we pass our time working hard and laughing hard as well. It´s nice to not have all the pressures and responsiblities of being a ZL. For me, it made the mission feel a little too much like “business”… or temporal. As a trainer, we study for longer periods of time, we work more, and the mission has became for me a great spiritual, learning experience.

I think I´m putting some weight back on. That protein is doing some wonders.

I don´t have much to say… I didn´t even take any pictures this week.

On a spiritual note, I was thinking this week about the promptings that the Holy Ghost sends. This past week I had a few, and when I act good things happen. If we ignore them, God stops sending us these promptings because He can´t rely on us. However, when we act, He sends more and uses us as an agent to bring about many good things. Often times these feelings come in our head, and we can´t dismiss unless we act… or we ignore them. There´s nothing worse than giving into pride or fear and ignoring these feelings. We never now what we might´ve been able to do.

Love you,

Elder Jacobsen


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