Email #83

Hey family,

How is everyone doing? Thank you for the email and support.

The week is going well. E__ is still progressing well and is preparing well for her baptism coming up.

The big news of the week is the progress that we are having with a family called the C family. They are also a member reference. We have been teaching them for the past 3 weeks, and they have been progressing a little more slowly than other. However, they are very quality quality people. They are a young couple, E and C. E is a biologist, 27 years old, and his wife is about 23 years old. They have a young daughter, and they are married. That´s quite a miracle… married. You don´t see that every day. The converting factor definitely is the Book of Mormon. We explained very well about the restoration of the gospel, and taught them that the Book of Mormon is evidence of this restoration. They began reading, and they prayed to God and told us that they felt a peace, and a sense of surety that the book is true. We explained that this is the way the Holy Ghost responds, and they are committed to go to church this coming Sunday. Pray for them, and for their progress. They are a great family, and I will be thrilled if they choose to be baptized later on.

Other than that, this week has been a good one. We´ve been looking for news and trying to find some new families that can progress. I think we will have much success.

Elder P is doing well. He´s a stud, and I´m happy.

I´m glad you could all go to Utah and meet the crew.

Love you all,

Elder Jacobsen


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