Email #84

Hey family.

Can you believe it is already March? Time is flying by very fastly.

This week was a great week! We had some good success. We were able to bring 4 investigators to church, and they are very positive. We hope to be able to put some dates with them.

Last week I mentioned the family of E and C. We were able to bring E. Turns out that E´s parents came to visit, right when church started. C stayed behind making sure that the family was taken care of. Next week they will come together. We were thrilled that at least E came…

I´ve learned alot this week. I´ve learned quite a bit about the importance of the Book of Mormon in conversion. I´ve found this week, that as I have taught more about the Book of Mormon, and how it is evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet. As we have talked about it, and taught about it, people have grown in their testimony and have drawn closer to Christ. As one reads it, they cannot deny its divine origin, or the fact that it draws them nearer to Christ. As they read they feel the Holy Ghost, and as they pray, God will testify unto them that the Book of Mormon is true. This then becomes the foundation of the faith, and the method to gaining a true testimony. For as we have all heard, if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet, which would be evidence that this is God´s church.

This is what E and C are doing. They are reading together and they are praying. I asked them if they had prayed to ask God if the book was true, and they said “yes.. but we haven´t received an answer.” Then then proceeded to say that they had felt peace while praying, serenity, comfort, and love. These are the fruits of the spirit, and these are what testify of the truth. Once we feel these, for the devil cannot mimmick these feelings, we can know that what we are doing, or reading, is from God.

We have been placing more emphasis on the Book of Mormon this week, and we have been having much more success with the investigators. I have been responding to questions from the Catholic church about infant baptism, Adam and Eve, as well as other doubts concerning Christ´s ministry in America.

It is nice to feel like a servant of the Lord. My knowledge of the scriptures has grown tremendously, and I think those scripture masteries made my mind photographic, because I can remember scriptures and terms very easily. Thank you for that, mom.

Other than that, it has been a good week.
We hope for the best.

Love you,

I attached a picture of the ten commandments…. hahahah


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