Email #85

Dang… dad gets sick?

I didn`t know that was possible. It`s like that one time that Dad got skin cancer… that was a wild card.

This week was decent. I don`t have too much to say. Yesterday was the El Salvador election. They now have a new president. For that reason, we weren`t able to bring our good investigators to church. They were working in the election booths and things like that. We hope for a better turnout this coming weekend.

Sounds like things are getting pretty sketchy over there in the US.

Sounds like the family is doing well. I receive emails from all the little-ones… or not so little anymore. I often look at the family photos sent when I left to the ones I get now… You`ll have to call me out when you see me in the airport, because it`ll be hard for me to recognize all the kids. They are so big now.

I`ve been trying to root out of the mind of one investigator the idea that children are born with sin. That is a very abominable doctrine. We`ve been using the Book of Mormon, as well as some verses in the Bible that are rescuing this man from false idea. I think it is giving him desires to read the Book of Mormon. If everyone in the world read, with true intention… they would all recognize its truth.

Dad, I got your letter with your advice. Thank you for that. I read it everyone now and then and store it in my scriptures.

Mom, you wouldn`t believe it, but I am going to read the Old Testament. I am starting to study the 12 tribes of Israel, and reading Genesis and it is really sparking my interest. I`ll let you know how it goes. There is so much mentioned about God speaking with His prophets, and covenants that they made. It makes many modern beliefs very understandable.

I love you all,


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