Email #86

wow… I just wrote two letters to the family and they both got deleted.


David and Tarah wright are amazing. Even bald they still look great.

The week was great, it was stake conference. Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke and it was amazing.

The investigators are still progressing. E and C have recently finished reading the first book of Nephi, and are progressing well. E.. is preparing to be baptized this week. We hope she does it. She`s been looking a little skeptical.

I have recently starting reading the Old Testament. I am now in Joshua. It is very interesting to read about the symbols of Jesus Christ, and how everything in the Old Testament points to him and his atonement. I have learned very much about the 12 tribes of Israel, our heritage, and how it connects with the book of mormon. I want to read the Bible in 30 days, and I call mom to a challenge…. however… that`s your decision.

It was great to read and learn of the priesthood and the gospel dispensations. I am learning alot, and many missing links in the gospel are coming together.

The class schedule looks good. Sounds like JJ has researched what classes I need to take and is making some good decisions. I think that schedule sounds fine. Just schedule me starting at 9 if you can. Anything earlier than that in college is equal to the plagues sent down on Pharaoh.

Things are going swell. Time is flying by.

If you have questions, now is the time.

Sorry if this seems short… I wrote this letter twice, and my time is running out.

I love you,



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