Email #87


We were able to have a baptism this week!

We baptized Edith. She is a very sweet lady and is very spiritually prepared for baptism. She gave her testimony and said that she had been taking the lesson s from the missionaries for awhile, but they left. Afterwards, she felt empty and felt like she needed to talk to them again. She prayed that if God wanted her to get baptized, that he should send the missionaries again. A few days later, a member brought us to her house. She progressed very well, and is a very great convert. I was able to baptized her, and the bishop confirmed her yesterday. She looked so clean and happy on Sunday. She is great, and we are proud of her decision.

I loved the pictures of the rodeo. It looked like a lot of fun.

Also, I`m glad you liked the picture of Holland and I. It`s a good`n. I`m very excited to meet that little girl for the first time. She`s so big… dang I`ve been gone for awhile now.

I`m still reading the Old Testament. Right now, I`m in 1st Kings. It really is a great book. There are some very very interesting parts, don`t get me wrong, but the scripture gems as well. The book of judges explains very well the pride cycle of apostacy and peace. I love the story of David… It teaches me what not to do. It is a great book. It`s nice to read it this way. I have grown in my understanding of the scriptures, and I feel like I know what to say when investigators ask me about scriptures int he bible. Anything that proceeds out of the mouth of a true prophet is scripture… too bad people limit themselves only to the bible..

I love you all,

Love Elder Jacobsen….

the pics are good. There was some guy in our yard today cutting down coconuts. I thought it was pretty funny.


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