Email #88

Hey family…..

this week was just… a beaut!
Not that we had any success in the missionary work… but… you know what.. a positive attitude is key.

Basically this week was an abomination. However, we are working hard and enjoying the time given us to work.

I`m still reading in the Old Testament… it`s a beaut. I`m in 2 chronicles right now. It`s basically like a summary of everything in the Old Testament. We`ll keep reading and see how it goes. It has widely advanced my understanding of the gospel, as well as the origin of the Book of Mormon. A bible a bible, we have a bible… and yes we need more.

This week all of our investigators decided to stop listening… that`s cool I guess. We do have two that I think will be great baptisms coming up.

The family looks so big. Make sure you tell JP that I love him. I`ve been thinking alot about him lately. It was rough growing up with a bunch of girls. Let him know his big brother loves him and that we`re going to hang out all summer long.

Other than that… I’ve got nothing going on. The pics of the temple look great. It`s a pretty temple.

We did bring an investigator to the woman`s broadcast. We didn`t go ourselves, but she loved it. Hopefully she can keep progressing.

I love you all,



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