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Email #92

Hello family,

This was an excellent week.

We had a baptism yesterday. His name is M___ C____. The great news of the baptism, was that the boy brought all of his family and extended family members. Just that boy alone has given us investigators to last us for a long while. The mom loved the church and told me that she was getting baptized next… “ok… let`s do this.” The dad is just as positive, but he wasn`t able to go for work. He normally doesn`t work on Sundays but they had him working last Sunday.

Do you remember the picture of that cute little girl I sent? Well, we`re teaching her parents and they are very positive and responding very well to the gospel. They were able to go to church yesterday and they loved it. Their three children are members, expect for the little girl (she`s only 6). Sounds like the missionaries have been working on them for awhile, but until now are they listening. They only have one small problem… the man is married to another woman and has to get divorced then remarried to his current wife in order to get baptized. We have faith that we`ll be able to take care of things.They are a great family, and I think they`ll be up for the long process.

It has been a great week. Investigators are coming out of the woodwork lately.The Lord has been blessing us. Lately my prayers have becoming stronger and our fasts better. We`ve been asking the Lord to lead us to those who are really ready and are prepared to hear the gospel, and the Lord has helped us find them. It`s kind of tricky here in the ward… There are 6 missionaries in the ward, and we all seem to fight for the references… but we seem to be getting them all. 🙂 The early bird gets the worm.

There are always people ready to hear the gospel. The gospel is not a forced thing, but the process begins with an invitation. A simple invitation can bring about marvelous outcomes. I was thinking of dad`s situation. Because of an invitations, all of these people have been converted in El Salvador, and who knows how far that will go? Someday we might be able to see. The point is, we should always invite others to know more about the church. I remember back home I`d always bring my buddies to church, but I didn`t know anything about missionary work and nothing ever came out of it. Looking back on that makes me scratch my head a bit, and makes me a little upset. A good friend`s invitation can change so many things.. Invite, invite, and invite. Don`t pressure, or force… for the Lord`s elect “hear His voice, and harden not their hearts.” They always respond “yes.” That has been my experience with all of our good converts. Invite. The home life doesn`t have to be very different from the mission life. We can always share the gospel.

I was thinking about you coming to pick me up. I think it would a good idea, and would be nice for you to meet some of the converts I`ve had, and experience the things I`ve seen. It`s up to you, but it`d be fun.

Well parents, I love you.

Know that I am doing well, and that I love the mission. The work is expanding right now, and it is a great opportunity to be part of it.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen

Email #91

Well parents…

Thanks for telling me the good news after the big scare. We are very blessed, and it is a very good thing that you`re doing well, Dad.

I had a great week.

We were able to go to the temple and bring investigators. We brought 6 new investigators, and they all loved the temple. Yet, for some reason they didn`t go to the church… we brought 1! Woo hoo!….. better than none. However, we believe they will go next week. They all seem positive and like very good people.

Also, during church yesterday one of my recent converts came to visit me. His name is F___ M______, and I baptized him about 8 months ago with Elder G___. He`s a police man, and he is on fire still in the church. He tells me that he`s reading doctrine and covenants now, and that he and his wife are preparing for the sealage (temple sealing). It was so good to see him. There is no greater joy than see someone you have helped progressing so much and so well. The scripture really rings home when it says, “and if ye should labor all your days in crying repantance unto this people and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father?” The great thing about my mission, it`s happened with quite a few, and it spreads like dominoes, because they baptize their friends. It makes me very happy.

Below you`ll find the picture of Fredy and I… as well as an adorable el salvadoranian girl…. I might think about coming back for this one ;).

Well parents… thank you for the continued support. I can only say so much in the emails… but have much to share. I feel like writing emails have kind of become a little…. well I guess a little mundane. But, I`ll be able to skype you in about 3 weeks, and then after that I`ll be home to talk in person.

I love you family,

Elder Jacobsen

Email #90

Hey family,

Another week has gone and passed!

Sorry, but I don´t have any pictures this week. We did however, have a good week. We were able to fast for some miracles, and lo and behold a miracle occurred. A sister in the ward brought this boy that she has basically raised as her son to the general conference. We had never met the kid, but he just showed up. When we went to his house to talk to him, he put his own baptismal date! He wants to be baptized on the 27th of April. His name is M___ C____. He is about 16 years old. He is young, a little slow on learning, but with strong desires to continue. The lady that brings him to church will be a great support for him.

We are also trying to baptize the father of the stake secretary. He has been going for several weeks now, and has bought himself a white shirt to go to church. He says he is waiting for his wife to attend church, so that they can get baptized together, but the wife hasn´t even shown interest in learning anything about the church. Pray for that lady.

We have a trip to the temple this week for investigators. We do this trip about 3 times a year, and it is a good opportunity for investigators to see the temple and feel the spirit. We´ve went with all the members, and we have invited all of them to bring their friends. The bus ride is free, for all the members that bring friends.

In other new, this morning I called all my converts. So many of them are active and are preparing themselves to go to the temple to get sealed. Things like this fill my soul with appreciation, and really help me feel like my mission was something very worthwhile.

I loved the pics of the jib-miester. Sounds like he´s quite the football stud. I never was good at sports… but looks like the jib-miester is kicking some batoosh.

What´s RJ up to? Tell him to send me a quick email. The Walkers moved?

I have only three months left. It seems crazy to me, but at the same time it feels like a giant dream. It´ll be weird to be back. The mission is so different to what I lived before.. not only in the church sense, but the culture… everything is so different.

Well family, I love you.

Love, Elder Jacobsen

Email #89

hey family,

General Conference was great, and it was amazing to think that this was the last one in the mission!

RJ came home already? I can`t believe it… That is crazy. What are his plans for school and things like that?

I loved General Conference. One really can know that they are prophets and apostles of the Lord when they speak. One cannot deny that this is the church of Christ when they listen and feel the spirit of what they say. It reminds me of the time when Jesus ate with those that didn`t recognize him. After eating, he vanished from their sight, but it left them pondering. They said something along the lines, “did you not feel how your heart burned within you as he read from the scriptures?” These feelings come from the Holy Ghost, and those that are true messangers from Christ can transmit these feelings to other people.

I loved the talk from Elder Anderson. We cannot conform to the ways of the world even if the “times are changes.” Although the times change, God`s law never changes. Talks like these hit it home for me. I felt as though that is what God will have me do. I would like to defend the church`s principles and help the world see the light in that form.

I loved as well the talk from D. Todd Christofferson. His talk about the resurrection was amazing. Just as the Book of Mormon is the proof that this is the true church, the resurrection of Christ is the keystone to knowing that all He did was true.

Mom, I you should watch Dallin H. Oak`s talk on the priesthood during the priesthood session, and try to wrap the brain around that one.

I loved David Bednar`s talk as well. Sometimes the loads of life are the things that give us the spiritual traction to push forward.

This week… It was good. it was nice to be able to relax a bit and watch conference. It was very refreshing. It`s interesting how my mission has changed and went through phases… In the beginning it seemed I couldn`t have more success. In the second phase, the success wasn`t seen until after I left the area, and there was much…Now, I`m just kind of going through the classic famine stage with no sort of success… but hey. We`re having a good time. I feel like the Lord has given me these different circumstances to widen my perspective and help me understand patience, humility and blessings as well. But it is all great. The work is the same. We preach repentance, and we can`t control how the people react, but we can always be constant on our half of the work. Therefore, I am at peace, for I have been trying my best in a constant manner.

I reckon I`ll have about 21 months in the mission this week. Only 3 left. Let`s make them the best. It`s a nice feeling to know that everything is ready for my return. I have a car, a class schedule, and a house… heck Kate even says I have a job. Can`t complain. Yet, I know that when I put God first, He puts me first as well and guides me in my paths.

Well family,
I love you all. See you in a bit.

Elder jacobsen