Email #91

Well parents…

Thanks for telling me the good news after the big scare. We are very blessed, and it is a very good thing that you`re doing well, Dad.

I had a great week.

We were able to go to the temple and bring investigators. We brought 6 new investigators, and they all loved the temple. Yet, for some reason they didn`t go to the church… we brought 1! Woo hoo!….. better than none. However, we believe they will go next week. They all seem positive and like very good people.

Also, during church yesterday one of my recent converts came to visit me. His name is F___ M______, and I baptized him about 8 months ago with Elder G___. He`s a police man, and he is on fire still in the church. He tells me that he`s reading doctrine and covenants now, and that he and his wife are preparing for the sealage (temple sealing). It was so good to see him. There is no greater joy than see someone you have helped progressing so much and so well. The scripture really rings home when it says, “and if ye should labor all your days in crying repantance unto this people and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father?” The great thing about my mission, it`s happened with quite a few, and it spreads like dominoes, because they baptize their friends. It makes me very happy.

Below you`ll find the picture of Fredy and I… as well as an adorable el salvadoranian girl…. I might think about coming back for this one ;).

Well parents… thank you for the continued support. I can only say so much in the emails… but have much to share. I feel like writing emails have kind of become a little…. well I guess a little mundane. But, I`ll be able to skype you in about 3 weeks, and then after that I`ll be home to talk in person.

I love you family,

Elder Jacobsen


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