Email #96

Hey family,

I didn`t manage to take any pictures this week, so you`ll have to forgive me for that. This week was good. It`s been very rainy lately, seeing that this country has entered into the monsoon season. Many nights of the week we find ourself wading through rivers in order to get back home. It`s been fun.

We supposedely have the baptism of Brother F___ this weekend. We`re just praying that he`s going to do it. Whenever we ask him, he says “I`m going to do all the possible.” We just kind of scratch our heads… and wonder what he`s trying to say. He wants his wife to do it with him, but the wife right now has her heart nice and closed up. We hope that she`ll be able to open up… She`s like Martha, always busy cleaning up the house or putting things in order.

The Pastor, he hasn`t come to church yet, but I would say he`s definitely progressing. We taught him, for the second time, the message of the restoration and it finally clicked in his head. He said he`s going to dedicate an entire night to ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. He says that once he finds out, he`s going to start preaching the Book of Mormon in his church…. and that he`d eventually get baptized. It`ll be tough. It`ll probably take some time, but we`re planting some good seeds.

We`ve been finding some good investigators lately. We hope that they can progress, and that I can pull off some baptisms before I hit the big silver bird. I can`t believe how long I`ve been here. It kind of freaks me out to think about going home… This place is so different and the lifestyle so different, and being here so long has molded this lifestlye into a type of “home” for me. It`ll be strange to return, but we`ll see what happens.

I`ve been studying alot lately the church`s history. I can`t find anymore books to read, but we`ll start over again with the basics: Book of Mormon and the New Testament. I`ve been meeting all sorts of new churches lately with strange doctrines. They were trying to tell me that although Christ resurrected in flesh and bone, he was changed into a spirit before he returned with the father. It`s nice to have modern day revelation.

Well, that bow looks nice. Sounds like dad has all sorts of new responsibilities in his job.

I`m doing well, if you have any questions let me know.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen


Email #95

Ok family,

well…the pastor didn`t go to church… but don`t get too disappointed. We visited him last week, and he is still reading and still praying. He said that he would leave it all behind and get baptized if he finds out… we hope he`s serious. Sounds like their church had some night-long praying session called a vigilia. He was pretty wiped out the next day, so he didn`t come to church. We`ll keep talking to him. Hopefully something comes out of this.

I was able to go to the temple last week as well. It was a nice experience. It`s weird thinking that this was my last time going to the temple during my mission. We`ll go there when you come here to visit. It`s a beautiful temple.

We`re teaching an amazing family called the Paz family. The wife was an inactive member, (she is now active), and the husband isn`t a member. The husband, however, needs to get divorced before he gets married to his current wife. That is the big problem, but the family is progressing. They are reading together as a couple, the wife doesn`t drink anymore, and they look happier. They are a great family, and it`s nice to meet and work with someone that actually is trying to change their life and repent. We`ll see the fruits later on in life.

We have another amazing family that still hasn`t attended church, but they are progressing as well. The husband is a firefighter, and works about half of the sundays, but they`ll be coming on his days off.

It`s cool to think that you`ll be able to meet all of these people.

Well, I finished the Old testament. It was good. There are some great books. Among my favorites are Isaiah, Malachi, Psalms, and Proverbs.

I saw one of my buddies at the temple from BYU. He`s in the other mission and he about jumped off the floor when he saw me. He got all surprised and worked up, then asked me why I was so calm. Apparently, I`m calmer now than when I left.. That was strange to hear. Hopefully I`m not too weird when I get back.

Below are some pictures attached of some friends and me, my companion, and my companion and I wet from a rain storm.

I love you family. Thank you for the support. Make sure Jib has a good time on his birthday.

Elder Jacobsen

Email #94

Ok family,

it was great seeing you, and being able to speak and talk together.

To fill you in on some details, this is what is happening…

Ok, with the pastor. The man didn`t have much time, but we found him in the street, and he told us that he had had a dream.

I asked him about the dream and he began to tell us his experience,
“I was walking on the street with my wife. The street was covered in holes and rubble. We then looked to the right and saw a river down below. We both walked down to the river and saw that the river was pure blue water. As we approached I saw a tunnel which I had to climb inside in order to cross. As I reached the end of the tunnel I saw what looked like a pool with Elder P______ standing in the water. In front of Elder P_______ was a skinny door that I couldn`t open with some stairs behind it. P______ opened the door, and I took the first step.”

I explained to him that the dream was a representation of baptism. The door, is baptism, and the steps are the ordinances of the gospel that lead to eternal life.

He said he`d read the Book of Mormon and pray some more. We`ll see what happens! Perhaps we can baptize that man before I hit the ole steel bird.

We have some great families that we are teaching. I attached below some photos. One lady is a new family we found that are super positive. They went to the mother`s day activity. The other family is Brother F_____, the man with a baptimal date… then attached is that one adorable el salvadoranian niña.

Alright family, I love you.

Elder Jacobsen

Email #93

Hey family,

ok… I`ll be calling this Sunday at 3pm el salvador time. I`ll be
skype calling, but if not I`ll call from a phone… if it doesn`t

This week was great. We put another baptismal date with the father of
the stake secretary. It`s going to be a huge baptism. It`s quite a big
deal, and we are very excited about that. We`ve been working our jonny
tails off. We`re in the last two changes of the mission already, and
we`re in sprint mode. Changes were last wednesday, and they left me
with my companion elder pablo. He`ll be the companion that`s been with
me for the longest time in the mission. He`s great, and I`m glad that
president left me with him.

We`ve been teaching a pastor lately of a church. We`ve been teaching
some members of his church as well. He said that he`ll get baptized if
he finds out the book of mormon and the restoration is true. We said
that if he has faith, he will find out. He is completely humble, and
chosen by God. Hopefully he can be spiritually atent, and willing to
obey the answer he receives. If he finds out, he will abandon his
church, and perhaps we`ll baptize some members of his church as well.

Parents, I`m excited that you`re coming to see me. … I just don`t
know what you`re going to do in el salvador for two days. Hopefully
you don`t get lost… just play it safe and do some temple sessions.

well…. I don`t have too much to say. I`m almost finishing the old
testament. I`m in Hosea. We should finish this week… I`ve enjoyed
it, but I must say… I am very grateful for modern revelation and
prophets that speak today. I don`t know what I would do if I had to
depend only upon the bible… that would be very confusing.

welll….. reckon I`ll see you all this sunday. This will be our last
skype call before I come home… Craziness.

Well, I love you all. I love the gospel, and the Lord has blessed us
so much. I am very excited for you to come and see this country. Get

Love you,

Elder Jacobsen…

mom… expect a package, you blessed mother, you.