Email #93

Hey family,

ok… I`ll be calling this Sunday at 3pm el salvador time. I`ll be
skype calling, but if not I`ll call from a phone… if it doesn`t

This week was great. We put another baptismal date with the father of
the stake secretary. It`s going to be a huge baptism. It`s quite a big
deal, and we are very excited about that. We`ve been working our jonny
tails off. We`re in the last two changes of the mission already, and
we`re in sprint mode. Changes were last wednesday, and they left me
with my companion elder pablo. He`ll be the companion that`s been with
me for the longest time in the mission. He`s great, and I`m glad that
president left me with him.

We`ve been teaching a pastor lately of a church. We`ve been teaching
some members of his church as well. He said that he`ll get baptized if
he finds out the book of mormon and the restoration is true. We said
that if he has faith, he will find out. He is completely humble, and
chosen by God. Hopefully he can be spiritually atent, and willing to
obey the answer he receives. If he finds out, he will abandon his
church, and perhaps we`ll baptize some members of his church as well.

Parents, I`m excited that you`re coming to see me. … I just don`t
know what you`re going to do in el salvador for two days. Hopefully
you don`t get lost… just play it safe and do some temple sessions.

well…. I don`t have too much to say. I`m almost finishing the old
testament. I`m in Hosea. We should finish this week… I`ve enjoyed
it, but I must say… I am very grateful for modern revelation and
prophets that speak today. I don`t know what I would do if I had to
depend only upon the bible… that would be very confusing.

welll….. reckon I`ll see you all this sunday. This will be our last
skype call before I come home… Craziness.

Well, I love you all. I love the gospel, and the Lord has blessed us
so much. I am very excited for you to come and see this country. Get

Love you,

Elder Jacobsen…

mom… expect a package, you blessed mother, you.


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