Email #94

Ok family,

it was great seeing you, and being able to speak and talk together.

To fill you in on some details, this is what is happening…

Ok, with the pastor. The man didn`t have much time, but we found him in the street, and he told us that he had had a dream.

I asked him about the dream and he began to tell us his experience,
“I was walking on the street with my wife. The street was covered in holes and rubble. We then looked to the right and saw a river down below. We both walked down to the river and saw that the river was pure blue water. As we approached I saw a tunnel which I had to climb inside in order to cross. As I reached the end of the tunnel I saw what looked like a pool with Elder P______ standing in the water. In front of Elder P_______ was a skinny door that I couldn`t open with some stairs behind it. P______ opened the door, and I took the first step.”

I explained to him that the dream was a representation of baptism. The door, is baptism, and the steps are the ordinances of the gospel that lead to eternal life.

He said he`d read the Book of Mormon and pray some more. We`ll see what happens! Perhaps we can baptize that man before I hit the ole steel bird.

We have some great families that we are teaching. I attached below some photos. One lady is a new family we found that are super positive. They went to the mother`s day activity. The other family is Brother F_____, the man with a baptimal date… then attached is that one adorable el salvadoranian niña.

Alright family, I love you.

Elder Jacobsen


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