Email #95

Ok family,

well…the pastor didn`t go to church… but don`t get too disappointed. We visited him last week, and he is still reading and still praying. He said that he would leave it all behind and get baptized if he finds out… we hope he`s serious. Sounds like their church had some night-long praying session called a vigilia. He was pretty wiped out the next day, so he didn`t come to church. We`ll keep talking to him. Hopefully something comes out of this.

I was able to go to the temple last week as well. It was a nice experience. It`s weird thinking that this was my last time going to the temple during my mission. We`ll go there when you come here to visit. It`s a beautiful temple.

We`re teaching an amazing family called the Paz family. The wife was an inactive member, (she is now active), and the husband isn`t a member. The husband, however, needs to get divorced before he gets married to his current wife. That is the big problem, but the family is progressing. They are reading together as a couple, the wife doesn`t drink anymore, and they look happier. They are a great family, and it`s nice to meet and work with someone that actually is trying to change their life and repent. We`ll see the fruits later on in life.

We have another amazing family that still hasn`t attended church, but they are progressing as well. The husband is a firefighter, and works about half of the sundays, but they`ll be coming on his days off.

It`s cool to think that you`ll be able to meet all of these people.

Well, I finished the Old testament. It was good. There are some great books. Among my favorites are Isaiah, Malachi, Psalms, and Proverbs.

I saw one of my buddies at the temple from BYU. He`s in the other mission and he about jumped off the floor when he saw me. He got all surprised and worked up, then asked me why I was so calm. Apparently, I`m calmer now than when I left.. That was strange to hear. Hopefully I`m not too weird when I get back.

Below are some pictures attached of some friends and me, my companion, and my companion and I wet from a rain storm.

I love you family. Thank you for the support. Make sure Jib has a good time on his birthday.

Elder Jacobsen


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