Email #96

Hey family,

I didn`t manage to take any pictures this week, so you`ll have to forgive me for that. This week was good. It`s been very rainy lately, seeing that this country has entered into the monsoon season. Many nights of the week we find ourself wading through rivers in order to get back home. It`s been fun.

We supposedely have the baptism of Brother F___ this weekend. We`re just praying that he`s going to do it. Whenever we ask him, he says “I`m going to do all the possible.” We just kind of scratch our heads… and wonder what he`s trying to say. He wants his wife to do it with him, but the wife right now has her heart nice and closed up. We hope that she`ll be able to open up… She`s like Martha, always busy cleaning up the house or putting things in order.

The Pastor, he hasn`t come to church yet, but I would say he`s definitely progressing. We taught him, for the second time, the message of the restoration and it finally clicked in his head. He said he`s going to dedicate an entire night to ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. He says that once he finds out, he`s going to start preaching the Book of Mormon in his church…. and that he`d eventually get baptized. It`ll be tough. It`ll probably take some time, but we`re planting some good seeds.

We`ve been finding some good investigators lately. We hope that they can progress, and that I can pull off some baptisms before I hit the big silver bird. I can`t believe how long I`ve been here. It kind of freaks me out to think about going home… This place is so different and the lifestyle so different, and being here so long has molded this lifestlye into a type of “home” for me. It`ll be strange to return, but we`ll see what happens.

I`ve been studying alot lately the church`s history. I can`t find anymore books to read, but we`ll start over again with the basics: Book of Mormon and the New Testament. I`ve been meeting all sorts of new churches lately with strange doctrines. They were trying to tell me that although Christ resurrected in flesh and bone, he was changed into a spirit before he returned with the father. It`s nice to have modern day revelation.

Well, that bow looks nice. Sounds like dad has all sorts of new responsibilities in his job.

I`m doing well, if you have any questions let me know.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen


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