Email #97

Hey family,

We´re doing well. We have a family, the P___ family that has been attending regularly for the past 5 weeks. I told you before, but his challenge is the divorce. They are the parents of that cute little girl seen in the picture. He is married to another woman, and has to divorce that relationship before he can marry his current wife and get baptized. Obviously, for the moment I won´t see the results, but we´re working on his conversion so when the moment comes he is more than ready. He reads the book of mormon, and has finished 1st nephi. He reads even the pearl of great price. They have been fasting for work… and he´s gone from not having a job to already receiving a promotion in the past 5 weeks. It´s a blessing to see how the gospel really can change a person. It´s easy to baptize. However, it is harder to find people that seek the gospel for wanting to change rather than follow their friends and live the social gospel. Yet, those are the people that always stay active.

About the pastor. I don´t think I´ll see the results while I´m here. Dad, I´ve shared the experience you had with him… and his is pretty similar. When he started reading the book of mormon, he felt uncomfortable with the new names and places and kind of tossed it aside. We explained to him again the book of mormon, and told him of the importance of receiving a spiritual witness. He is recommitted to start over and try again, reading a little every day.I think he finally understands what we´re hinting at, about the restoration about him needing to set aside his church. He wants to know, and be sure, but I´ll think it´ll take a little while for him, unless he really reads alot and seeks the answer.

Other than that, we´re doing well. The mission, as it get close to ending has me feeling this sense of urgency to do all that I can before I go home. I consider it a blessing. It nice to feel an even increased need to work harder and be more diligent as the end of the mission approaches. It´s crazy for me to think that we´ll be in this country together in less that 2 months.

Lately I´ve been studying the teaching of Joseph Smith, a book called a marvelous work and a wonder, and I´m reading the book of mormon again. I´d like to study the new testament one more time, but I don´t know where I´ll find the time for that.

Well, below you will find attached a picture of my new guitar and I. It´s a beaut made from cedar, home made in el salvador with nylon strings. I consider it a nice guitar.

I love you all.

Elder Jacobsen


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