Email #98

Hey family,

I haven`t seen the Pastor alot this week. I can`t really give you much of an update. We`ll see what happens. I`ll go with him this week, and will give you the update.

We managed to bring some good investigators to church. The fireman came for the first time. He loved the church. We had a great class about priesthood power, and the keys of the priesthood. The teacher asked if anybody had questions and he raised his hand and asked, “how fast can somebody get baptized in the church?” Everybodys` heads turned and… well, “that is a very good question.” We went with him later that night with a great priesthood leader and put a date for the 29th of June. It`s not sure yet. He wants to talk with his wife, and we would like to baptize the wife as well… For some reason she left the house early Sunday morning to escape going to church. We`re still not sure what happened there.

We have another boy, he`s about 14 years old, that wants to get baptized this 22nd of June. We went last night to get the mother`s permission and she asked to keep the baptismal record, and she`s going to fill it out with her son. I`d say for sure that it`s going to happen.

With the family of Hector P____ and his wife, they still need to get divorced… yet they are progressing so much. They read the ensign, the book of mormon, the principles of the gospel… they read everything. They talk about getting sealed. They are a great family. I`m glad I could teach and know them, yet I won`t see them get baptized. That doesn`t matter though. By the time he gets baptized, he will be so ready.

Sounds like life in FL is fun. That`ll be good, dad, working the monday after I get home. I`m excited to hit the horse again. I love the mission. We`re doing well. I`m staying very focused and my hopes are very high for things to come.

I love you,

Elder Jacobsen


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