Email #99

Whoa… so I have a nephew… crazy!!!! The only things I could think of when I heard his middle name was the knight`s tale movie, Ulrik von lichtenstein from geldaland.

Hey family, the week was good. We were able to bring the fireman and his wife to church. We`re hoping to get them baptized in July before I hit the big bird. Tonight we have a family night with them at 7oclock. We`ll see what happens.

We had changes last Wednesday. I`m staying here in ____ until the end! I have a new companion. His name is Elder C, and he is from Honduras. I don`t have a picture of him at the moment, but next week I`ll send one your way. He`s a great guy. He`s very patient, obedient, and calm. That`s what I`m talking about. He also knows country music. That`s a wild card. It`s not very often that latinos know country music.

We also had a great miracle this week. There is a catholic family that lives in our ward, the daughter and the uncle are the only members of the LDS church. Recently, one of the sons in the family has been taking interest in the church. He`s 16 years old, and he wants to serve a mission. We taught him twice this week, and he has already accepted a baptismal date for the 29th of June and went to church yesterday. That was a miracle, and we are glad that God could help us find him and open up his heart.

The picture of the family is a family in the ward. They love us, and they give us food every week. We took a picture with them before Elder P___ took off.

Well family. Things are looking good. We are setting a good foundation and finding some good people to teach. It`s going a little slowler than I`d like, but usually the slow things last longer. They are good people, and will make some good converts.

The pastor is getting cold. I don`t think he wants us to visit him anymore. It`s sad to see that he`s not following his revelations and would rather stick with his “nets” and “wealth” like the earlier men that failed to respond to Jesus` call. Yet, everything in the mission teaches me a good lesson. When the Lord commands, we must do it.

I love you family,

Elder Jacobsen


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