Email #100

Hey family,

We managed to have an excellent week. We were able to bring a good pile of people to church, there were 11 of them, and we have been able to put about 4 baptismal dates. We`ll be finishing off the mission really well. This Sunday, Carlos will be baptized. He is my future missionary… We have put baptismal dates for the firefighter family for the 12th of July. Then, we have Brother F___ for the 20th. (He has recently had a baptismal date, but has delayed it). He has decided to get baptized on his birthday, the 20th of July.

Funny story of the week… I bought some low-quality shoes to last me the rest of the mission (don`t worry, mom.. I don`t need shoes), and they lasted me 2 days and the sole ripped off.. … Well, I was looking for the receipt to return them, and I found it all crumpled up in the original box. I don`t know what I was thinking… or why I did this, but I ironed it to flatten it out. It instantly turned a charcoal black color, and you can`t read it at all. I took this as a private, funny lesson to not buy cheap things. Yeah… it was funny. I`ll show you the receipt when I get back. That`ll be a treasure.

Everyone is getting sick over here. About half of my positive investigators had to stay home for sickness. I got sick last week as well. I think the climate is changing a bit, and this has caused everyone to get allergic. I`m good now, but I lost my voice for a few days.

Things are going well. The area is doing very well. We are finding some positive families, and I hope they can progress.

Well, I love you family. If you want me to figure out the tour guide stuff, I can do it.


Elder Jacobsen


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