Email #101

Hey family,

Well… thanks for the birthday wishes and what not. Yesterday we had a baptism. His name is Carlos H_____. He is a great convert, and I´m sure that someday he´ll go on mission. The people in the picture are his sister and his uncle. His uncle was the first convert of the family. He was baptized about 5 years ago. A missionary gave him a book of mormon, and he read the whole thing. Later, about a year after that, the girl Alejandra was baptized and she served a mission. Now that´s she´s home, we´ve baptized her little brother. He is 16, and he´s a good good kid.

We´re still holding strong with the other 3 dates for the next month.

The picture of me in the red shirt: we made a honduranian dish with my companion. He is honduranian, and so we made what is called Balliadas. it´s like a tortilla with… yep you guessed it… beans… eggs… and cheese. Lots of variety over here.

I´m excited to see you all here in 3 weeks. The assistants were talking to me encouraging me to go and pick you up in the airport. I´ll talk to the new president. We haven´t reached any conclusions yet, but let me know what your plans are. If it doesn´t work, then I´ll probably see you on the wednesday morning that follows. No matter the plans… find a guide, becuase I don´t really know anything touristy or my way around this country at all.

I can´t believe how fast this last change is going by! I thought time would drag on, but not at all. Things are speeding on by. I´m just trying my best to squeeze out the last of the juice before the end. I like the idea of being in the mission for more than 2 years… I´ll have about 2 weeks of overtime.

I loved the pictures of the kids, and jessica´s kids as well. They look so beautiful. Jessica´s baby girl looks alot like her as a kid.

I love you family. Next monday I have more concrete of plans.


Elder Jacobsen


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