Email #102

Hey family,

This week was good. We´re preparing for three baptisms in the last two weeks of the mission. We have one this Saturday, then we have two more the next saturday. We are baptizing a young man named Kenneth (heh hehh dad), and the m_____ family on the 19th. They are good people, and will be great converts.

I thought you might enjoy the pictures. The picture with the nacho libre masks is Elder M____and I working out in the morning. We thought we´d use the nacho libre masks to pump us up a little bit.

The 4th of July pictures were incredible! Hey dad… looking a little wrinkley over there!

This week I started reading the new testament again. I love the new testament. I love reading about discipleship, and how to be more Christian. Those are some of my favorite versus in the scriptures. My favorite of them being in Mark 8:34-35. It´s such a simple formula. If we try and save our life, we will lose it, but as we lose our life for the gospel we will find it. I think that applies so much to my life and my mission in general. It has become a life-long theme that I have adopted.

Well family, I don´t know what to write in emails anymore. We´ve done this for 2 years now, and I´m running out of ideas. I love you. Thanks for the support… thanks for the birthday wishes. I´ll try and get this visit all planned out for the week that you come.

If you have any questions, hit me up in the next 10 min.


Elder Jacobsen


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