Email #103

Well parents..

I´ll fill you in on the highlights of the week.

Yesterday we had the baptism of a young man named K____. It was hard to get him there… his mom didn´t want to give him the permission for a long time. The best part was… the mom went yesterday! After K_____ was baptized, he stood up and gave his testimony. With tears, he expressed the great joy that he felt and gave his thanks to all those who helped him reach this point. The mother cried, and it was obvious that the holy ghost was cracking her open. We hope the best from this. Perhaps a great seed was planted yesterday for her. If this doesn´t touch her, nothing will.

We´re getting ready for the family baptism this saturday. The a______ family will be getting baptized this friday, and we are so excited for them. They are on fire! Brother a____ is a firefighter, and the other week he taught the ward in mutual a lesson about fire safety. They are a cool family, and we are excited for them.

Finishing my mission… I have one week left. I feel great! I feel super satisfied and happy. I feel like I´ve been very diligent my entire mission. I have had great success, and little success as well. Yet, I feel like I have done my part, and that my mission has made eternal ripples in the lives of others. There is no greater thing on Earth that one can do. Next week I´ll write my finishing letter, reckon.

I love you family,

see you in a week…. that´s weird… but I´m super excited,

love, Elder Jacobsen


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