Email #104…the Grand Finale

Well family…
See you in a bit.

I´d like to thank everyone for the support you have given me on my mission. I can´t believe it´s ending. It hasn´t really hit me yet, but it´s ending. Yet, thank you for you support, for you love, and help throughout these two years.

We finished the mission off well. Last Saturday we baptized the A____ family: martin and dina. Martin is the firefighter. They are a great, great family. The wife is a hilarious, short lady. She said that when she was confirmed that she felt such a great joy that she wanted to shout out in joy… haha… she is the funniest little lady I´ve ever met. We gave her this big dress for her baptism, and after trying it on she lept out of her room like a super hero. We are all doing the super-hero pose in the picture to illustrate that.

All of our converts here in A_____ are doing very well. Some of the young men that we baptized were blessing the sacrament and particpating in the church ordinances like they had been members for years. I feel very happy, and very content with my mission. It hasn´t been perfect, but I have been constant and tried my best.

My thoughts on ending the mission… To be honest, I don´t feel like it´s ending, and the truth is, it´s not. The mission, for me, has inplanted within me a higher meaning to life. I now understand more fully the purpose of life, and I understand my role in helping other people come to Christ. We are to be as God is, and God´s purpose is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, therefore that should also be our purpose. I feel like the mission has ingrained that purpose in my life, and in that sense the mission will never end for me. Although I won´t have the plaque, and the clothes… I still feel like I will constantly have the desire to help others come closer to Christ. In that sense, I do not feel satisfied yet, because there is much to do.

In the beginning, I thought I could pay Jesus Christ back for what he had done to me. As I finish the mission, I realize that is a completely ridiculous presumption. I feel deeper in debt than I did before, but that is because I understand more fully the atonement of Jesus Christ. This feeling of insufficiency will be the catalyst to help me continue laboring in the work of salvation for the rest of my life.

I wouldn´t trade the mission and what has happened these past years for all the riches in the world. I have truly learned what is important now. I felt like I have made eternal ripples in the lives of others. The mission is a selfless thing, and is designed to eternally bless the lives of other people. Yet, as we do this, the Lord blesses us as well. Although I am far from perfecting the principle, I can say that the scripture in Mark is true, “he that saves his life shall lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake and for the gospel´s, the same shall find it.” I have found a whole new life as I have left behind my personal interests and chosen to follow the Lord.

I love the Lord. I love this gospel. I feel ready to continue on with life, and I know exactly what to do. Although I don´t know the specifics, I know that if we put the Lord first, He will put us first as well. I know that this is the Lord´s church.

I love you all,
Elder Christian Jacobsen


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