How to reach Elder Jacobsen

The easiest way is to go to:¬†Click, “Write a missionary” and then look on the left hand side at the menu for “POUCH (free)” and click on that. Then you will see a white bar to scroll through and find his mission. For the next 4 weeks, find “El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize” and then add his name to the address. It is free and it will get to him faster than snail mailing a letter to SLC to get picked up in the POUCH system.

NOT sure why the spacing looks so crazy. Just pretend it’s lined up nicely on the left margin. ūüôā

To send letters, his snail mail address is to the Mission Home is:

Letter mailing address:

Elder Christian Paul Jacobsen                                                                                                     El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission                                                         ApartadoPostal#142 Iglesia de Jesucrist                                                                    Carreteraa Candelaria de la Frontera                                                                                        Y Autopista a San Salvador                                                                                                      Santa Ana, EL SALVADOR

To send packages:

Elder Christian Paul Jacobsen                                                                                                     El Salvador Santa/Ana Belize Mission                                                                                 Edificio Paraiso carretera a Candelaria                                                                                      de la Frontera y autopista a S.Salvador                                                                                     CP Santa Ana, Santa Ana                                                                                                            El Salvador

His email address is:

The draw back with email is that he can only email immediate family and has limited time on the computer to read and then type his weekly email home. He will know more about how much time he has this week I’m sure. He can respond anytime on P-Day (Preparation Day) to the dear elder or snail mail letters he gets. He hopes he will be able to print off the emails and respond to them via mail. He is a GREAT letter writer, so if you write to him, you will get a letter back!

Thank you so much!